Concentration Camp

I’ve been standing here for weeks 
Staring through the holes 
Trying to convince myself I’m strong enough 
Trying to convince us that we are strong enough 
But they won’t listen 

I understand how they feel 
weeks without meals 
Pushed far past their mental limits 
But even then, desperation feeds commitment 
Sometimes depression 

I might be insane 
That what they tell me 
But sometimes freedom calls for a little 
Anywhere sounds better than here 
Anywhere else but here 

Tonight’s the night we run 
If we have enough 
I walk up to my place by the fence 
My brothers walk up with me 
We live or die now 

We only have 2 minutes 
Before the Nazi’s come 
Reaching out I can feel the electricity 
Humming through wires 10 feet high 
I hope we have enough 

We all stretch out our hands 
Chanting softly 
If we have enough we can make it 
Anywhere is better than here 
We reach out and grab

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