Dirt vs Digits

If you don't know where you're going. 
If you don't know where to turn 
Look to the ground for ancestors 
Look to the sky to learn 
Because the world is rolling 
With or without your blessing 
It won't wait for the corner to turn 
And the skyline silhouette jackalope 
Will reach the water and back i know 
We could meet up and play by the ferns 
Don't get caught up with your disease 
Playing games like droned out teens 
Waiting for the bite sized treats 
To finish nuking in the unnatural heat 
Instead find a tune 
Meet a snail under a ruin 
In your heart is the rhythm of Gods beat 
Then you'll be able to trust your feet 
To lead you down the knife 
To a genuine life 
Bless you child, that's what we all need

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