I know my King

God didn't say judge those lost on their knees 
He said throw down your pride and follow me 
I have more to give to you than any of those thieves 
That steal your passions for their own selfish dreams 
You have to die in your stride to make God your only 
Well I'm calling you on your shit because I know I still believe 
Like Elijah by the river, not like Jonah in the sea 
I've been thrown off your yacht and found peace by the stream 
They keep telling me I'm lying if I don't believe what they believe 
Well guess what I believe what I believe cause I can see 
The slow and hard progression of the true children of the king 
And they won't be following you into a plush comfortable seat 
To hear you say the same old thing each Sunday of every week 
They'll be dancing in the forest like the playground it's meant to be 
So put down your selfish treats 
They be ruining your teeth 
I can show you something better in the arms of my king 
Put down your childish things 
Can't you see it's all a dream 
And the moment you wake up you'll have a soul that's been set free 

Come and see 
The tranquility 
Of a life lived for love and gratitude and peace 

How dare you speak of my god that way 
Said the childlike pride of a son on the day 
That a giant came to silence, meant to lift the hand of defiance 
And bring all that trust in Zion to the ground in his wake 
But where was that child the day 
When a woman laid and bathed 
On a rooftop, oh he won't stop till he has her in his bed 
Your a sinner like him they say 
But they forget to show you grace 
Even a crucified protagonist can find paradise one day 
So put down your selfish ways 
Stop fighting the voice that says 
You'll regret it if you let this thought grow into words today 
Put down your selfish ways 
There's grace in every day 
We're meant to live in harmony 
Not fighting like this today 

I walked away from men 
Walked away from what they said 
I'm coming back to my friend 
Who provides everything 
You can say it's not the way 
You can say I'm lead astray 
I know who I'll be kissing 
When I leave this world someday

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