I'm here now

I'm not rich, I'm not poor 
As a matter of fact, I'm not sure 
What those words mean anymore 
I've slept like a king, I've begged on the streets 
I've eaten well, I've gone hungry for weeks 
I've been the adored student and the exiled fiend 
I've been the proud child and the forgotten black sheep 
I'm not good, but I'm not bad 
I know what I've lost and I know what I've had 
I know who I've been, I know where I've gone 
I know every silence, I know every song 
I know each of the Angels and Demons by name 
In my defense and to my guilt they know me the same 
 I've prayed with a fervor, I've cursed like a storm 
I've lost heart in the chill, I've found love through the warmth 
I'm not rich, I'm not poor 
But I know one thing for sure 
Im here now 
And that's all I can ask for

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