Morning game

Remember when we would play for hours every day? 
No plans, only skipping and dancing to the next quiet stream 
Helping with chores so we could leave that much sooner 
Roaming the streets with skateboards and scooters 
Amusing the neighbors with our imaginative ventures 
We were kids then 
Intimidated by nothing 
Overwhelmed by everything 
So filled by the need for something more 

Do you still think about playing in the morning? 
Or has it all become a chore? 
A tired bore before you can finally sleep some more 
A constant repeat of one tv episode 
And you can't seem to find that stupid remote 
Maybe it's time to unplug, man 
There's a tree outside that hasn't been climb since you were three 
Maybe it's meant to be? 
All I'm saying mi amores is one day we all will swim, jump and run again 
In a starlight grove 
I miss what we'll become

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