Prayer Song

Now I know I haven't been social 
And at points I seem displacement 
It's hard to look in someones eyes 
When you don't know what your feeling 

I've been reviewing past events 
and working on acception 
As many know, and some have been told 
This life is full of reprobation 

Broken trust, lies and lust 
Have followed me through my ages 
Theres been times where I've crossed all lines 
Found death, yet felt so ageless 

There's a part of me that swears 
There won't be any tears 
When I ride away on that final ferry 

But who would close me eyes 
And put coins on either side 
Other then the God I can't see clearly 

There's a part of me thats desperate 
For a little conversation 
But I don't really know what to say 

There's a part of me that greets you 
Each time I get to see you 
Even though I might look the other way 

There's a part of me that hates this 
Each day it becomes so senseless 
I don't know if I want to go another day 

There's a part of me that gleans 
On everything you mean 
When the thoughts you think find words to come and play 

There's a part of me that see's 
How beautiful this all could be 
If we put down our catastrophic ways 

There's a part of me that hopes 
One day I'll get the joke 
And we can all laugh, enjoy the light of day 

Now...I know I haven't been social 
But I'm trying not to be local 
Because I know these songs go 
When you don't know any bar chords 

When the lyrics don't rhyme perfectly 
And the singers full of uncertainty 
Doesn't know how to sit straight 
Or left his shoes by the front gate 

I'm going away to pray 
I don't know what else to say 
I don't know for how many days 
But I promise I'll learn to sing 

And learn how to live in the way I mean to

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