Rivers Path

I started out simple, a taker and a giver 
But I always felt life could be simpler 
I left my home in heart and in mind 
Traveled through hell to see who I could find 
I strayed through the land looking for omens 
I thought it all started with just one man 
One book, one faith, one constant stream 
But without the mountains it had no meaning 
Without the streets, the beggars, the thieves 
I found it pointless while others found dreams 
So I kept on moving, swimming and grinding 
Through another day, through one more morning 
I found my feet in the wrong direction 
My hopes and dreams never finding friction 
So I wandered again like a lost man 
Just trying to find the rivers current again 
I meandered in to another story 
Where fire spins round and displays it's glory 
Where the awkward, the futile, the ancestors race 
Could finally find peace in this glorious place 
Now, looking back, it's all become clear
It's not a ferry, but I found a river

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