My grandfather whispered in my ear, 

Son, you'll never know what I've done 
You'll never feel my embrace or the hints of my love 
I'm sorry for my son and the daughter that I brought up 
We can all…


Bucket Hole

Crows huddle to plan the next move 
While rabbits lay trap for the fools that swoon 
The goose and the gander never had a chance 

They eat like their last meal every night 
Hoping someone would turn out the…


Ink Weather

Fools find the gold that shines before the light turns on, 
In eyes veiled with splendid tales of hopeless naive words, 
Does the card read Ace or Joke, do we bet or do we fold? 
Can we read the changing…


Bones Can Breathe

Look into my eyes. Is there nothing there that you recognize? 
Am I dead? Did I drown? 
Did you lay me in the ground with a napkin on my mouth? 
Was it hard, mother, to see your first try at…


Barefoot Soldier

I think often about being a soldier. I didn't always though. 
The idea of hiding out in a dugout, being shot at for hours at a time, sleepless weeks due to extreme environments sounded like hell on earth. 
And the…


A Vibrant Soliloquy

Coming from the highest and searching to the low. We found the colors of streams as dull, the highest peaks too cold, a thousand scenes, but no home. It's ungrateful when you invest all but a tenfold of your guarded…


Child in Sin

I begged you to let it just be you and me then, 
The first day you let me see your wisdom, 
When all I'd ever known was broken children, 
Vomit flies and wrists are spillin, 

You said I was…



I'm 3 miles from home and my last paper just ripped 
I don't know how I got here and I don't know where I've been 
Started out with a map and a whole lotta gin 
Now I've got an empty…



I’ve been told I will open my eyes. 
What a crazy thought. 
What would I see? 
It’s so dark in here. 
the drum beats faster, it’s time to move. 
I rearrange myself for the day. 
Today is an exciting day. …