Different dream alone 

It’s a different kind of loneliness when you’re told that heaven is 

Outside, somewhere else, and you have to compete to win 

If you don’t you’re on fire, like, literally already smoking 

I have to break this down for you, Even if you’re choking


It’s a different kind of loneliness to no longer want to stay, 

To leave ancestry indignantly, and find the desire to pray, 

But instead, slashed and torn, my memories have been hidden, 

But I really hope my demons choke, and I can get to living 


It’s a…

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One Less - to Daniel Sabin 

I sit and stare as the music 

Tears the shingles I’ve been using 

To hide my sight from the phantom of that night 

Hanging beneath the tree of knowledge 


I had only a second 

To chance and to beckon 

Your sight and your mind to my sign 

Hanging in my closet four nights 


But you gave 

And you took 

With a gaze 

And a book 

You prayed to me my friend 


May there be 

One less reason to end 

On a course that is not retractable 

One less reason to live 

In a mind that’s inconceivable 

Nothing can be said…

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Concentration Camp 

I’ve been standing here for weeks 
Staring through the holes 
Trying to convince myself I’m strong enough 
Trying to convince us that we are strong enough 
But they won’t listen 

I understand how they feel 
weeks without meals 
Pushed far past their mental limits 
But even then, desperation feeds commitment 
Sometimes depression 

I might be insane 
That what they tell me 
But sometimes freedom calls for a little 
Anywhere sounds better than here 
Anywhere else but here 

Tonight’s the night we run 
If we have enough 

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Been trying, for a long time, to hide from myself. I know the….well…I don’t know shit. 

….kind of freeing just writing that out on a board. 

Seeing it look back at you moments after you wrote it. 

I don’t know shit. 

But I feel. 

I feel. 

And that’s terrifying. 

and beautiful. 

What do I feel? 

I feel the regulars, despair, fruitlessness, depravity, senselessness, hopelessness, 

All the drunken roads I’ve gone down a thousand times over 

I should have been in a circus. 

How pathetic that you…

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Cindy's Poem 


Every tear is a warm embrace holding you, 

Every sob is her laugh in your ears, 

Even in silence there are memories to sooth you, 

Because we are testaments to the life in her years, 

Every smile a reminder of her kindness, 

Every shoulder you bury your face into, 

Is Cindy holding you oh so tightly, 

Because she’s held onto that person too, 

So every time you smile at a stranger, 

Every time you laugh with a friend, 

She’ll be there, with us, laughing together, 

Because through us her life…

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Prayer Song 

Now I know I haven't been social 
And at points I seem displacement 
It's hard to look in someones eyes 
When you don't know what your feeling 

I've been reviewing past events 
and working on acception 
As many know, and some have been told 
This life is full of reprobation 

Broken trust, lies and lust 
Have followed me through my ages 
Theres been times where I've crossed all lines 
Found death, yet felt so ageless 

There's a part of me that swears 
There won't be any tears 
When I ride away on that final ferry 

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I know my King 

God didn't say judge those lost on their knees 
He said throw down your pride and follow me 
I have more to give to you than any of those thieves 
That steal your passions for their own selfish dreams 
You have to die in your stride to make God your only 
Well I'm calling you on your shit because I know I still believe 
Like Elijah by the river, not like Jonah in the sea 
I've been thrown off your yacht and found peace by the stream 
They keep telling me I'm lying if I don't believe what they believe 
Well guess…

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I'm here now 

I'm not rich, I'm not poor 
As a matter of fact, I'm not sure 
What those words mean anymore 
I've slept like a king, I've begged on the streets 
I've eaten well, I've gone hungry for weeks 
I've been the adored student and the exiled fiend 
I've been the proud child and the forgotten black sheep 
I'm not good, but I'm not bad 
I know what I've lost and I know what I've had 
I know who I've been, I know where I've gone 
I know every silence, I know every song 
I know each of the Angels and Demons by name 
In my defense…

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Dirt vs Digits  

If you don't know where you're going. 
If you don't know where to turn 
Look to the ground for ancestors 
Look to the sky to learn 
Because the world is rolling 
With or without your blessing 
It won't wait for the corner to turn 
And the skyline silhouette jackalope 
Will reach the water and back i know 
We could meet up and play by the ferns 
Don't get caught up with your disease 
Playing games like droned out teens 
Waiting for the bite sized treats 
To finish nuking in the unnatural heat 
Instead find a tune 
Meet a…

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Morning game 

Remember when we would play for hours every day? 
No plans, only skipping and dancing to the next quiet stream 
Helping with chores so we could leave that much sooner 
Roaming the streets with skateboards and scooters 
Amusing the neighbors with our imaginative ventures 
We were kids then 
Intimidated by nothing 
Overwhelmed by everything 
So filled by the need for something more 

Do you still think about playing in the morning? 
Or has it all become a chore? 
A tired bore before you can finally sleep some more 

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