The Questionable Context - Rewrite of Bible (Fiction)

The Questionable Context - Chapter 1 

In the beginning there was Time, Air and Water. The Air was the embryo around the womb of Water and Time was the watcher of all things. They spent eternities playing with each other. The Air would push the Water so high that she would jump in glee. The Water in return would show the Air the romance and the sacredness of simply looking into each others undisturbed faces in serene silence. Always, Time watched patiently and enjoyed each second that he recorded in his knowledge.   

One day as the Water and Air were dancing, Time deemed it the right moment to open up a new time. He opened the envelope and brought the Water and Air into a new time where many other children had grown and been placed. Here he placed them between other children near a strong light called Fire. The Fire saw them and began sending his love to them. And so began the birth of the physical plane.  

The warmth from the Fire allowed the Water and Air to feel their faces change. The Fire would push down on the embryo of Air with his solar flares and the Air would fall into the Water below with such intensity. The force at times changed the concentration of different areas. This, along withe the uv rays from the Fire created particles. Those particles started to smolder in the heart of the water and began a new face.   

Mother Earth was in the belly of the Grandmother Water when she first heard the voices. They were all speaking and yet there was silence. She spoke out and received the voice of her Grandmother Water, then from her Grandfather Air. Then the voice of the Fire from her heart, where love had been offered. She stretched out and lifted her core to the top to feel her Grandfather Air. These were the first volcanoes that began the first of the dry land.   

She spoke to the Fire and requested new ways to feel his warmth and heat. He was so hot on barren skin. Near the places where her Grandmothers springs had formed and where the edge of her flowing arms touched new particles began to morph into tentacles and tendrils. Their legs would dig down brown and their hearts would be green near the warmth of love. They multiplied and created small variations. Speaking to each other as they went. One would say, “I want to create something other than this green. I will create something new.” Only to burst forth with a yellow lions mane around the top of his stem. “That is too close to the color of the Fire above the Air. I will do something new as well.” Out came long vines that wrapped and brought small purple drops of water in new bags.  

The Water wanted to bless the children and allow them to thrive on the land she was unable to reach. Water asked the Air to try something that they had never tried before. She asked that he attempt to pull her up with the new warmth of the Air that the Fire had provided and drop her again onto the face of the new land. It took a few tries, but they finally found the balance where they could embrace and expand, only to constrict again and breath out drops of rain upon the new face of Mother Earth.   

Now the Water had an idea for the Earth. She asked if they could try something that had never happened before. She helped cool parts of the hardest pieces of Earth and created rocks and crystals. These crystals could be found in liquid form or a very dense form.   

Now the Water had a request for Fire, Air and Earth. She asked that they all focus their attention and try to find balance with each other in a new way. They all came to one space on the surface of the ocean and started to mix with one another. After many moments Time began to watch the first animals and insects take form. They scattered among all of the grounds and began flying through the Water.   

Some began pushing their way onto the brown surface. They were fascinated with the land and all the colors of greenery. They proposed a trade with the plants and offered some of their home to the plants if they would allow them to cohabitate on land. The plants agreed and harmony was formed. 

The Questionable Context - Chapter 2 

Then all of the Elements came together with Time watching patiently. They attempted something that had never happened before. They balanced the liquid crystal until it created containers for Water. They made some parts of the containers easy to move in specific ways. They put hard versions of the crystals in the middle to create a frame. They coated the whole thing in dead tissues to create a barrier of skin. Skin of dirt, rivers of blood...and something else that was missing. Then the Water and the Air tried something that they had not tried before.   

They began to dance like they had danced before the rest of the worlds were created. But this time they danced in the sky, becoming heavy with negative particles creating sparks and lightning in the air that would rush down to the Earth. The Air  around the lightning created loud bursts of sound always following a strike to the Earth. She struck this new thing and lines of energy came through all of the parts of the body. Creating and sustaining off of the same energy it has been struck with. The crystals holding it within the water surrounding it.   

Movement began in this new ones face. He opened his eyes and the world was around him. All things had colors and fragrances and purpose. They all had their voices too, and they invited this one into their reality with cheers and love. With time he heard all of the voices of each animal, each salmon, each hummingbird, each green child of Mother's womb. And he was their caretaker.  

After time he realized that the work he was to perform was more than he could bear alone. He saw how the animals had adapted a replication process to extend a species. He asked the Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Time to pray with him and help him create a form of replication for this face.   

From his balance did they create the daughter of the earth. Feeling from the souls of her feet, she reflects the heart of the emotion with her beauty and grace. The one made two came to sit quietly and live harmoniously with all others in the embryo of Air. 

The Questionable Context - Chapter 3 

Now the families surrounding the Cell that was the home of Air, Water, Earth and Fire had older families. Some of them had the heart of the Fire, some of them had lost that heart along the way. One of the lost hearted saw the Earth come into this Time. He went to see what could be seen.   

When he landed he found Adam and Eve sitting underneath a tree. They looked up with curiosity at this new face in this well known place.   

“Who are you?” asked the inquisitor.   

“We are the children of the face we walk upon, the air we breathe, the fruit we grow, the animals we know, the fire that keeps us warm and the water that we carry in our bodies.” Answered the children.   

“What have you to do in this place?” asked the illuminated one.   

“We speak with those that surround us and ask for their blessing and give them our blessing in return.” Answered the kind hearted ones. They continued, “We beseech you, new face, we have made ourselves known. What about are you and where about did you come? You are alike, yet much in comparison to us.”   

The hollow one thought of how rich an opportunity this was. He answered, “I am God.”   

“God? What is this face?”   

“It is a face of protection. You are obviously new to this time and will not know what to do. I will offer you a contract. I will be your suzerain if you would be my vassal. You will worship only me. No longer will you speak to plants except for when you give them to me, and even then you will speak to me. In return I will protect you and allow you to live as your are.”   

“We would appreciate this kindness if you are willing to offer.” Said the two in one.   

“Now we will make a three in one.” said the morning star. His thought was not consistent with his words. “I will teach them how to give their energy to me. I will become a star to them that they will follow without knowledge of other ways. I will gain in this richly.”   

“Create an altar unto me and begin your sacrifices. A part of sacrifice will be death. You will kill in my name and offer it to me. Even the first of the food on your table will be offered to the fire on my altar. I will go to get my helpers so that we can protect you and fight your wars for you.” With that Lucifer left the world to call in his legions.   

After the star of the morning left the world the snake began to watch with Time the workings of the children. They would strive constantly to keep the fires on the altar burning, keep the offerings flowing. Just like caring for a child or a plant as it crawls up and stretches over the ground. The offerings to God became a heavy burden for them to bear.   

One morning the snake came to speak to Eve. “Why do you work in these ways through the day? Your children lay unkempt upon the ground. What is the meaning of this disharmony?”   

“We have been serving our God as he has instructed us.” Said the tired child.   

“Is this face part of our world? Does it come from our Mother and Father?” Asked the dirt bellied one.   

“No, his face shown much louder, like the Fire in the sky.” Said the devout follower.   

“If he is not of this world, why do you give energy to him unquestionably?” Asked the inquisitor.   

“Because we have been told to.” Said the simple minded.   

“What if you don’t?” Asked the snake.   

“Our God will become vengeful and become an enemy upon us.” Said the two in one.   

“With the same energy that you are now giving him through your sacrifices that leaves you unable to tend to your children with your own hands?” Asked the listener.   

“Yes, this is what my God requires.” Said the devout.   

The snake looked into the child’s eyes and held her gaze with no unsteadiness. He held onto her until she could hear his feeling with his words and said with intention, “You always have a choice child. You will always have a choice.” Eve blinked and began to cry with thankfulness and love. She held her children close and offered her sacrifices instead for her family. When Adam came home he say the fire out at the altar. With fury he began demanding revenge for not honoring the word of their suzerain. Eve brought him to the snake and they came to a new three.   

During these times other angels and spirits heard the voices of each heart on Earth from every species and element. They came to show support and watch all hearts grow. Soon after they began growing in the names, faces of those they supported and into the minds of the Earth’s children. After that time Lucifer returned with his legions. Immediately a war ensued. A war that we still feel up to our modern times as the energies move through our organs. I’m talking to you, dear reader.

The Questionable Context - Chapter 4 

The morning star, knowing that he could bring rule to this new earth through fear, began to work on the children of Adam and Eve. He spoke to Cain. “Is it not right that your brother is so blessed in his hunting trips, but you have little to show in your garden beds.”   

“The rain has been sore in this garden for some time. I am unable to give them what they need.” said Cain.   

“If you give me your first fruits, child, I will bless your harvest and give you peace in this land.” Cain went and prepared the first of his meal that night and offered it up to God.   

The next day he walked out to find a beautiful harvest. It had germinated and brought forth much fruit. Though there was a sourness to it that had not been there before. Time had seen the trick of Lucifer. Through forcing the fruit into maturation before their time the chemical compounds had been stressed. There was immediate gratification, but nothing substantial to maintain energy.   

Cain was in awe of his harvest. He grabbed the best he could find and went out to the altar without preparing the sacrifice, such was his fast paced ways. At the altar he found that Abel was already in a sacrifice to his helper. And vast were his spoils that he showed appreciation for.   

Cain looked with jealousy and went forth to his altar. He displayed his wares in a irregular fashion. The morning star looked down and saw an opportunity. “Cain, why have you brought me such a disheveled gift? Would you eat from this altar you have prepared.?”   

“I would, my Lord.” and with that he grabbed a fruit and dug into it with his teeth.   

“I would have preferred more from you my child. Look at your brother’s altar. It is in the design I have specified. Down to the last detail that I have given you. I am a very particular God and I like to have things the way I have requested.”   

“I know these things about my God. I simply was taken with emotion and did not count the cost of my unprepared actions.” replied Cain.   

“I will not accept this gift from you Cain. You will not find a harvest at your home. I will make the ground hard upon you that you will struggle as you work.”   

And so it was for a time. That Cain would labor furiously in his gardens day and night. It seemed to him that Abel was blessed more each time they made their sacrifices. His smile always on his face. It disgusted his brother, Cain. He was the first to offer to this God. He had built his altar first. This was not the way he had thought before, and this new way would not do.   

One of the days Abel came to Cain requesting water. “I have none to offer you brother.” replied Cain.   

“I have been running after herds all day. You have plenty for your children beneath you. Give me some of the life in your possession.”   

“I have barely enough to go through my crops and give them a morsel. You are a selfish face that I do not wish to look upon.”   

“I will tell our God of this and He will decide our positions.” replied Abel.  

Cain became furious. The preferred one would not gain the power of a God against him. He grabbed his tool and broke through his brothers skull. Before the life had poured completely out of him, Time came and stood next to Cain. “What have you done?”   

“I have done what is right in my own eyes.” declared Cain.   

“Whether it was right or wrong will be decided by the face it meets. But with my face only the actions themselves, not the intentions, are reflected. What you have done is betray the life of one of Earth’s children. This will be one of your faces from now on. The energy protruding from your heart will show your true face for the rest of this life and lives to come.” Cain wept for himself, feeling the face show itself among those in his heart. He knew that regardless of his own perception the truth of this moment would reflect again and again through the fruits of the actions. 

The Questionable Context - Chapter 5 

This success gave Lucifer much power. He tapped into the dark matter around him and strengthened his allies. Together they fought against the light and converted many to their worship. It was during this time that the first famines came about. The Earth had felt suffering while her children were being taken from their homes in the forest, cut down and used as sacrifice without any prayers or thoughts of their actions. She spoke to the Water. “I feel a burning around me that is hurting in ways I have never experienced. Do you have enough water to fill a space between the Air and I? Your presence would soften the Air and give it a blessing.” The Water asked the Air to try something that has never been tried before. They created a second embryo of water in the middle of the Sky. The Fire could not burn as it did before across the land of the Earth. The insects and small green children began to thrive with joy. All other animals depending on them did the same in return. The Earth felt a peace again that she remembered from her youth.   

Lucifer looked at this and saw that it was good. Here was a new opportunity. He went to his followers and told them to create sacrifices equal to the bounty that they were now experiencing. For it was he would had created this expanse across the sky. No longer were there only clouds of rain, but he had created an expanse of water, a natural greenhouse, a garden of Eden. And in return he would be respected. The labor intensified to the point of exhaustion. The Air began to feel the burn first. Then the Water on the Earth. Then the Water in the expanse. The Earth began to weep from anguish. Never had she imagine that she would have such selfish children. The Sun was hot enough. The fire could be left to the Sky, not to the altars before them.   

Time watched these moments for many millennia before he decided to turn his face against the children of the Earth. He noticed that they were spending far too much time in the presence of strangers to their world, offering sacrifices and parts of their houses that would have served their families. Time did something that had never been done before. He created a time warp so any spirit in an area of the physical plane who was about to be seen by a human would be forced back to the spirit dimension. Only by a large feeding of energy were spirits able to come into the physical plane and be seen by humans continuously.  

One of the Spirits heard Time speaking to the Water. “Come my dear, our daughter is burning alive, the children on her glands are pulling from their roots and distorting the black water underneath. They burn her skin, give no respect to her intentions and kills her children incessantly. May we offer a freedom from this heavy burden?”   

The Water replied, “I see your face in the matter, I will ask that when that time comes you would allow me to fall quietly and reflect to you those that I would ask to be brought to a time when they would live upon Mother Earth in the ecstasy that we have seen then in before.”   

“I will do this thing.” assured the Clock Master.   

The Spirit whisked away on a stream of the air and landed on the ground. He went to a pond and looked at his reflection. “May I speak with you Grandmother?”   

“What is your name little one?”   

“Shadow” spoked the quick footed.   

“It is good to speak with you, Shadow, what are your words for me?” replied the still surface.   

“I would go and speak with a child of your words with Time. I might warn them and by so doing allow a remnant to survive this moment to come.” answered the Spirit.  

Replied the Water, “I know the heart of the Earth and she loves all of her children, especially those meant to nurture her. If you find some that would stand with respect I will allow this request.”   

The Spirit was elated. He immediately went searching for one that would speak well. That would capture his heart. He came finally among a house of a man that spoke very highly about his words and deeds. He would share his bounty often with his close friends and they would sing drunk carols into the morning sun. Every night the Spirit would come and listen to his tales and his feats. More, the Spirit loved when he would speak on the thing he was to do in the future. Nary a day went by where he would not be found in his living room, surrounding with those that loved him, speaking boldly of past moments, future moments and his morals and integrity.   

The Spirit felt that this would be the one. He came to him on a dark night. “Sir, I would speak with you.”   

“Who’s there! Show yourself!” the drinking one yelled at the brisk intrusion into his perfectly good and quiet evening. One of the first nights he hadn’t been obliged to sit there and entertain all of his guests once again. He knew that he had asked for their support through speaking with the other tribes to create new bargain lines for their products, but he honestly hadn’t felt like traveling out and beginning those conversations. He had been gifted a generous amount of wine recently from one of his cousins. He was harvesting in bulk to prepare for the coming commerce that would make all of them rich. They were all just waiting on him. The one that was good at talking, but not so good at following through with his words.  

But the wine wouldn’t be good by the time he got back. Which means that someone else would drink it. And that just wouldn’t do. So tonight his plan was to drink 3 times more than he would if anyone was here. He was about halfway through his ceremony when the voice came out from the shadows. “Show yourself I say!” he barked at the dark crevice.   

“I cannot, sir. My face is one that is meant to be hidden. I come not to be known, but to let something else be know. I come with a message from the Gods for you.”   

“A message from the Gods!?! Are you confused my friend? What message could you be here to tell?” laughed the drunk boozer.   

“I have heard it from the mouth of Time. I have seen it shimmer on the window of the lake. There will be a day where the water will fall and will not cease until all the fires have been put out. May you take shelter on that day my friend.” Shadow slipped away before the man could come to see his face. The drunk slipped away back down to the river where he washed himself. He finally had something real to think about.

The Questionable Context - Chapter 6 

“Come and listen to me my friends! I have a story to share with you!” Yelled the drunk the next morning.   

“Words only come from your mouth, sir, we have shared in your drinking and speaking long enough. Have you words on our trade with the local tribes? Are we to be rich by this time next moon?”  

“You are to be dead, friend, if you do not listen to my words and look upon my face at this time.” retorted Noah. He would not allow these naysayers to question his experience. He knew what he had heard the night before. Something about the waters of the sky falling and not even a fire staying lit. Here was an opportunity like no other. “By this time next moon the world will have flooded all the way over and all will be deceased or starving alive, abandoned and cast off from all other living things. The only way to save yourself from the coming destruction is to hear my words and obey them. For they come from a Spirit above that has spoken only to me.”  

“You are a man of many stories Noah, this is a new face that you have come with. Are you now a prophet that can speak for the Gods above?” asked an inquisitor among the crowd.   

“I have spoken with a Spirit so yes, it is as you say. Will you respect this new face or laugh upon it? You will be accountable for the choice you make.” spoke the chosen one.   

The people were divided in their thoughts. Some saw this man as a well to do tribe member. Exactly the kind of man that a Spirit would confide truth into. Others saw through Noah and remembered that the only reason why he was well to do was because he said he was, but they had seen his house, his wife, his children and knew that many words came forth from him. Much more than steps from his feet.   

Those that trusted agreed to meet the next day to begin their work. They arrived to find Noah busily scratching upon his writing surface. He was creating a ship that could hold many faces upon it. He explained the outline down to the last detail. Noah was a very specific god to those that trusted him.   

Time watched as Noah sat and barked orders at his followers from the shade of his house, always with a drink in his hand. He would make it clear when someone was not following his diagram. With fits of rage he would scream and those that would change the design in anyway, whether for benefit or detriment. When asked why he did not stand he would say, “I have already created the blueprint by which salvation will be offered to all of you? And now you want me to work with my own hands as well? You are a selfish people. I will choose carefully among the devout for whom I will save when the rains come.   

After a time the followers became weary with this new leader. They slowly filtered back to their own lives and desires. The crowd each morning to work on the ark became smaller and smaller. Finally, one morning, no one came to assist Noah in his work. He went down to the middle of the town and started to preach, “Woe unto these people that do not hear the voice of God! There will be swift punishment upon you with none to shade you, protect you from the horrors to come.” but his words fell on deaf ears. His face shown as one that would not do his own work with his own hands. He had lost the respect of his people.   

Noah went home and began to drink. Now he would have no reason to care whether he would save others or not. Not his fault they didn’t want to be saved. After a time he had walked past the unfinished ark so many times he no longer saw it or questioned his drunken dream when a voice had whispered from the shadows.   

Father Time spoke to Water, “It is time my child, may we put the fires out.”  

Water began to fall from the expanse in the sky. It began to fall faster and faster until houses were filled with her cleansing presence. The people of the earth began to cry with rage and fear. This was something that they had not prepared for or expected, and there was no way to save themselves from it. Shadow looked down at Noah and saw him drunk upon the ground. He went to Father Time. “Would you find grace in your heart to save my friend Noah? He has worked so hard to prepare for this ceremony, but was not able to finish the ark in time.”  

“Child,” Father Time replied, “If you only knew the truth of the situation, of which you have shadowed yourself from.” Time sat thoughtfully for a moment. “I will do this thing for you, for your heart is pure.” Time came down and opened a door for Noah and his family and brought them to the other side after the waters had receded and the Earth had been reborn after the flood. Noah and his family thanked the Gods and reverted to their old ways of sacrifices and altars to show their respect for their salvation. History began yet again as it had been before. Cycling through the same experiences. 

The Questionable Context - Chapter 7 

After a time the offspring of Noah began to talk about their predecessor. Here was one that had spoken to the Gods and had become a god in his own way. He had saved his children through his dedication to the words he had received. This means that any man could become a God of those around him and receive their worship through time and work invested. They humans of earth began to contemplate something that had never been done before.   

They decided the easiest way to become a God is the ability to see that which it rules consistently. Their means would be building the tallest building possible that would show the expanse of earth all around them for miles. This earth would become their responsibility and would benefit them greatly as they utilized it for their own desires and devices.   

After many moments Father time spoke to the Air, “Do you see what these indignant children are planning. They are trying to become gods in their own eyes. Considering that which they did not bring into existence as their own property. To use, overwhelm, and throw away as their desires incline them. If they continue with their plan I will ask a service of you. Would you blow down their tower upon my request?”  

“I see your face in this, Father, and I trust your knowledge of all things that happen under the Sun. I will speak with ferocity upon your request.” replied the Air.  

After many moments, and after the tower of Babel had grown larger than any other creation of man before, Father Time saw the right moment for his plan to come to fruition. He spoke with the Air who blew with such intensity that they tower fell right away upon the ground beneath it. Time knew that the children below would just rebuild the same work if left alone, so he opened doors around the whole Earth and walked the children through those doors.   

This was the beginning of the nomadic and indigenous people groups around the whole world. Each family adapted to their new surroundings. Their skin changed colors to better suit for their new homes, their words adapted to their new families, their customs adapted to their new forests and deserts where they had been placed. After a time all people only told stories about the times before when all people were one family, but with enough time even truth becomes a myth for children. 

The Questionable Context - Part 2 Chapter 1 

And so it was. That after the time of Air and Water acquainting with Fire and creating Earth. The time of creation upon the earth. The time of men and angels. The time of death and drowning. There was a new time that the Father saw through his clocks. The time of the godmen.  

The humans upon the earth had swallowed the belief that theirs was a deity like that of the Morning Star. This had now become their intention in all things. To prove godship meant stewarding and protecting. In their constant race for control they found ways to protect those that needed no protection.  

Always the humans found reasons for war. Whether it was a word in one of their texts or speeches, or the face of another before them, blood would be spilled to show the suzerain. The words of many became hollow and distrustful. The Water, the Air, the Earth, and the Fire watched quietly for millennials of time. They watched Father Time as he recorded each moment. At points they would become angry and become erratic for a time, but they sat silently in apprehension together as the gods of the humans made their war and their sacrifices.  

During these times the spirits from other worlds saw a new opportunity. They grew the intention of coming down among the humans to interact. Some with a face of sincerity, some with an abhorrent face in white smoke. Some found animals that would assist, others took control entering obtrusively. All with their own intentions.  

One Spirit sat and watched instead. He considered the Water, the Earth, the Fire, the Air. He went to Father Time and sat at his feet.  

“Will you tell me the story of this world?” he asked. 

“Will you listen until the end?” asked the crooked old man.  

“I resolve.” replied the shepherd. 

Father time began his discourse. He reflected each moment and each face since the beginning as he saw it. Not including any intentions of individuals, just the acts themselves. His words carried through many days, many months. Mother moon would give them light until her face was covered and speak when her face was bright. There they saw the story of the world as reflected through history.  

“These faces, these moments, they are so beautiful and yet so mystifying.” spoke the shepherd, “I would hope that a face would appear that could offer a reflection of peace and humility. That there would be a way to share with these children.” 

Father Time smiled. “Would you like to try something that has never been tried before?” Wow, he thought, I haven’t heard that said for quite a while.  

Time brought the saint to the 4 Elements. He proposed his plan of allowing this Spirit to enter a child from the womb of a woman. They asked to hear his words and listened quietly as the Spirit proposed his plan. After many moments they all agreed.  

Deep in the belly of the hard worn animal dwelling the sweat on Joseph’s face fell down onto the stomach of his beloved bride. Mary was screaming in pain, which was agitating all of the animals around them. Bellows and high pitched screams surrounded their small space on the ground that the oil lamp was barely able to exfoliate with light. Joseph felt the movement around him becoming more erratic. He prayed to the gods above that the wood would hold the beasts in place until the child could be born. With one final push Mary contorted her face and screamed as a new voice entered the dwelling. The child had arrived.  

The moment the voice arose the rest of the sound dissipated. All the animal sat in silence at this new face that had just arrived. In this one something was different. There was a new energy that had never been felt before protruding from this little one. After a few moments the child’s voice became tender. They laid him down where the ox would eat and found each others arms.