From the recording Word Called Truth - Abridged


Heard a lot about this word called truth,
Though it seems exasperatingly illusive,
Contradictions always follow suit,
In someone else's fully sound imagination,
But I don't agree with any of these,
I want to feel the rain on my feet,
Not these hobbled county streets,

Found a book about this word called truth,
Said it held the only sounds that we could sing to,
I decided just to follow suite,
And wear the hat that I had previously held onto,
Just don't think to read words aside from these,
They'll eat your dreams and bring you unease,
You don't want to end up back on the streets,

But what if I do,
Is that so wrong of me,
To want to breathe from Gaia's leaves,
What if I do? Baby, can't you see,
There's a fire rolling,
And it's calling me,

I decided just to leave that truth,
And I know that there's some serious ramifications,
With some time I went to find my suit,
So I could see if there was any consolation,
But as I searched my lies and pleas,
I found a coward searching for peace,
In anything, but his own heartbeat,

Can't imagine what its like to lose,
An only child before he reaches his fruition,
But, quite frankly, I would give me shoes,
To any child that would teach me how to listen,
To another's imaginative dreams,
And see with eyes that see the breeze,
To hear the joy of the winding streams,

And what if I do,
Is that so wrong of me,
To have my youth each time I breathe,
What if I do? Baby, can't you see,
There's a fire rolling,
And it's got a hold on me.

It's amazing how we use our truths,
To imagine our own creations,
Expecting everyone to wear the suits,
That we fashioned without any consultations,
Then we get mad when they rip the crease,
That took hours to sew and complete,
Cut the scene, rewind, repeat.

I see believe that there can be one truth,
That everything has its own imagination,
The tree's, the water, the home grown fruit,
The eagle gliding over all of creation,
But as we suck the ground of each,
Of the elements that keep her at ease,
I think we fuel our own disease,

And what if its true?
Is it so wrong to see,
The world uncaged and finally set free,
What if its true? Baby, can't you see,
There's a fire rolling.