From the recording Word Called Truth - Abridged


How many dollars ride in your oceans,
How many children cried when you called,
How many children die in your oceans,
I guess to me it should mean nothing at all,
Cause I'm afraid of what tomorrow would bring outside these walls,

Move back, step forward once again,
Hold that pose where you stab them in the end,
See the concrete as your only friend,
No go on home, we'll see you back before it's 10.

Another day, another dollar for your automated mother,
Going on about the rent, not to mention there's the water,
That they never saw as potent, or as clean enough to drink it,
If it didn't show up labeled it was probably never sacred,
Now whatever your intentions I don't even want to hear it,
Pass the mic, shut your mouth, clean it out with this new liquid,
No I can't say all what's in it, but the FDA approves it,
With those kind of credentials it's probably safe to drink it,

How many dollars ride in your oceans,
How many papers signed before the fall,
The waves will arrive with our oceans,
But by then there will be no one to call,

So now we've changed the world,
Plastic men and toy girls,
In the end we'll count it loss,
When we see the real cost,
Righteous men, steady hands,
Can we mend what has been lost,
I just hope it's not for not,

Because the past has taught us to love with our hearts,
With our fingers and our toes and our hands and our souls,
and it might seem dumb, but the show must go on,
The show must go on,
Even if we don't see the credits roll, what about our children born and grown, don't they deserve a home,
Free from contamination's and poisonous vixens in our couches and our soap,
Can't we find something that's whole like the tree trunk that has grown on the edge of our concrete home and our concrete sky and this searing light,

How many children ride in your oceans,
How many will survive after we're gone,
The waves will arrive with our oceans,
I just hope we leave something worthy of our God