From the recording Word Called Truth - Abridged


When I woke up that morning lying next to your hair
The smell of these are the ocean breeze to me
Then it came without warning, I realized you were not there
Last night when I had closed my eyes to these

How did I end up here in your arms
Safe for fear, safe from all that would hard

I took my chance and wondered why
Made a whole turn stop in my mind
I chose to not just stop playing the game
But turn the beat into a phoenix dying every day
I chose distraction over compassion, over action
Over plenty of other people that caused all of their reactions,
But now I'm choosing power over dollars consigned to a motor
That has a right wing thats allowed to shoot all of our daughters

It’s the dependency that irks on me
How many expenses do our lives really need
In order to house a daughter, care, food, water
Nursery, public school, private school, detention center, offshore program
And through it all they seem to defy them

What the fuck was the point again

When I woke up this morning
I knew you had been awake
Till 4 or 5 or 6 or more
The whole house was in mourning
The noises and colors you make
Not one crevasse left alone

How did I end up here in your world
In this place that your wings have unfurled
How can I show more love than in this

The times I spent with you
I'll treat them as our first and final kiss